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A booklet is a small bound book. It usually has a soft cover and a limited number of pages, and it focuses on a specific topic. A great way to define a booklet may be to remember that a booklet usually contains less information than a book, but more than a brochure.

Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle Stitching is one of the most common forms of bindery. It is a type of wire binding where wire staples are driven through the fold in the center of the booklets. Saddle Stitching is different from other bindings in that it has the pages folded and then inserted into each other, while other binding methods have the individual pages placed on top of each other. Since the pages are folded at the spine in saddle stitching, the books will have to have pages in multiples of four.

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is a form of bindery that is most commonly used in soft cover books. Perfect binding is when the individual cut pages of a book are stacked and glued into the spine of a wrap around cover. The binding style allows for a spine that can be printed on as well as present a professional finish that is common in retail. The pages in a perfect bound book are individual cut, allowing them to be placed in multiples of two rather than multiples of four like saddle stitched books.

Wire binding

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